The Volunteer Experience

Written by: Ashley Mackay

I volunteered at the AIGA booth tonight at the Utah Arts Festival. At the booth one could either buy a pre-made vinyl bag from recycled billboards around Utah OR make one themselves from a different no-sew pattern. I made one at the training meeting and they are pretty cool (when I was walking past the REI the other day I heard a 12 year old boy tell his friend it was the coolest bag he had ever seen. Yeah. The bags have those kind of credentials). So I recommend making one to any of you who might be on the fence about going to the festival.

After the huge rainstorm, I left the safety of the booth and wandered the festival. There was only one booth I cared about and I am IN LOVE. I almost never want to buy other artist’s stuff. I’ve been working on trying to care about Art for Art’s sake. I usually like things to be useful or personally meaningful. And maybe I’m just a sucker for this kind of stuff because there is typograpy on it but take a look at this:

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